‘Cox Sucker’ Presenter Avoids Sacking

A complaint against Laurie Taylor for reading out a ‘cock sucker’ joke has been upheld by the BBC governing Body.

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A BBC Radio 4 presenter has wound up in deep controversy after his innuendo offended listeners whilst discussing the sacking of a cox from Cambridge University’s rowing team.

Laurie Taylor caused moral outcry amongst some Radio 4 listeners after tastelessly deploying an inappropriate enunciation of the term ‘cox sackers’ when reading out a listener’s email.

Taylor used the seedy play on words during an afternoon broadcast of the BBC’s Thinking Allowed programme in April 2012.

The initial email was in response to a piece the previous week regarding the sacking of a cox from Cambridge’s university rowing team.

The case has only just been concluded after the rejection of previous complaints by BBC management.

The complaint has now been upheld by the governing body of the BBC for seriously offending listeners in a five page report.

One complainant fumed that the phrase was “a grossly offensive play on words.”

Bunch of coxuckers

Indeed, the term was “highly likely to have been misheard by a significant part of the audience as ‘cocksuckers’”, and was a breach of the BBC’s editorial guidelines, concluded The BBC Trust.

There was a particular clamour of outrage because of the time in which the live broadcast was aired: 4.15pm. The Tab suggests that he should have saved it fellatio.

Many children were therefore vulnerable to the unpredictability of bawdy Radio 4 presenting with their parents on their way home from school.

Kirsty, a first-year Lawyer, said, “Good on the BBC for doing the right thing and using a bit of common sense. People need to learn to handle cox better – at least he avoided the sack, though.”