The Lily SoCole Network

Cambridge grad Lily Cole steps into the world of social media, with an app just for Cambridge students.

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Supermodel and Cambridge alumna Lily Cole is set to release a social network exclusively for Cambridge students.

Lily graduated from King's with a double first in History of Art

Lily graduated from King’s with a double first in History of Art

The social network, called Impossible, will be based on the sharing of favours between members of the site.

Lily has blessed Cambridge students with the chance of trying her network before the general public. Only those with an ‘’ email addresses will be able to register for the trial period.

Users will post wishes that other members can fulfill. For example:


The Tab refuses to make a joke about Mario and plumbing here

People will be asked to give and receive charitably, rather than to barter.

Chris, a 1st year History student, said “I don’t really get what the whole wish thing is. Is it like I can put on there ‘I wish I could have sex with another student’ and they see it and make it happen? Like a demanding blind date?”

Probably not. Though this stupid question and more can be answered on Wednesday at the Giving Tree on King’s Parade, where Ms. Cole will be around all day.

On Thursday she will be debating at The Union, opposing the motion that This House believes an economy based on giving is impossible.

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The social network claims to have been created for social benefit rather than profit, with “100% profits reinvested for growth and innovation, or to seed new social business ventures.”

Lily Cole said: “The name Impossible plays on the idea that it is a very utopian proposition. But I do believe in people, and I believe that it might work.”

If you are a lovely, charitable person, or just want to see if someone will do your essay for you, the app can be downloaded here.