Lily Cole

Merry Christmas From The Tab

The Tab’s Cambridge team are at home eating right now, but you can keep track of the latest student antics on

The Lily SoCole Network

Cambridge grad Lily Cole steps into the world of social media, with an app just for Cambridge students.

Easter Lineup Revealed!

Lisa Kudrow, Tim Minchin, David Moyes and Jackie Stewart will each take their turn to address the Union next term, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Cambridge Characters: Johnny the Punter

Let us introduce you to the world of Cambridge’s beloved stereotypes. First up, meet Johnny the Punter.

Cole Comes Clean On Cambridge

Lily Cole has revealed in an interview that she feels ‘liberated’ to have finished her degree – and came close to not making it.

Lily Cole Bags Double First

Everyone’s favourite celebrity Cantab Lily Cole has managed to score a stunning double first in History of Art.

Cole To Be Blue In Who

King’s student Lily Cole is set to appear in popular BBC show Doctor Who, as her acting career continues, though not all Who fans are impressed.

Best Comments: Week Seven

The week’s best comments featuring appearances from Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy of Snow White fame.

Me, My Bike, and I

We all enjoy a special relationship with our bikes. Through multiple tyre-replacement, crimes against clothing, and spontaneous wheel-loss, these students have been with their bicycles through thick and thin.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

Who let the plays out? It certainly wasn’t the Theatre Guide Dog, but he’ll help chase them back in. Again. Thanklessly.

Exclusive: Lily Cole To Play Lead Role In ADC Show

Supermodel Lily Cole will play a lead role in an ADC play this term, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Fit Cantabrigian

Cambridge is a notorious breeding-ground for the revoltingly talented. But which of our esteemed alumni is the best looker? As The Tab prepares for another year of Fit College, vote here on Fit Alumni.

Cream of the Cam

JENNA CORDEROY on the fabulous and the famous currently studying in a college near you. Get stalking.

Rimmel Rejection for Lily

King’s student Lily Cole is “unlikely to have her Rimmel contract renewed” according to an insider.

Art Attack

Armageddon, acid house raves, a jar of solidified wank? HOLLY STEVENSON investigates the weird and wonderful world of creativity in Cambridge.

Basket Case

Lily Cole will now be walking around Cambridge – after thieves made off with her £600 bike.

Film Review: Doctor Parnassus

Terry Gilliam masturbates onto a sea of shit ideas and earns our first no star review. Bravo!