“I Need Feminism Because…”: In Pictures

CUSU Women’s Campaign team up with ARU Feminist Society to bring you: “I need feminism because…”

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Armed with nothing but a whiteboard and a felt-tip pen, Cambridge students took to the streets today in a bid to prove that feminism is not just relevant but vitally important.

The CUSU Women’s Campaign and ARU Feminist Society caused quite a stir on King’s Parade as students of both sexes posed with powerful messages in support of women.

The campaign, which has appeared all over the web and enjoyed great success at universities around the country, will run in Cambridge for the next three days.

CUSU Women’s Officer Susy, co-coordinator of the event, explained that the Women’s Campaign have been planning the event for some time now: “We talked about how useful it would be to show how widespread the need for feminism is and to articulate some of the many different reasons that women and men need it today.

“With the new feminist society having been set up at ARU we thought that it was the ideal opportunity to collaborate with them to demonstrate that the need for feminism is widespread in our community.

“By breaking down existing divisions and hierarchies I hope this photo campaign will reveal how united Cambridge city is in fighting for equality between the sexes.”

More details can be found on the project’s Facebook event page.