Miliband in Cambridge: Labour Will Back Oxford-Cambridge Railway

Ed Miliband spent Monday lunchtime hanging out in Market Square, as Labour launched the final stages of their local election campaign.

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Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband spent the early hours of this afternoon in Market Square, as he launched the final stages of the local election campaign.

The visit to Cambridge saw Miliband, current Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, deliver a speech outside Cath Kidston, before responding to questions from members of the general public.

Miliband began outside Cath Kidston, before falling asleep outside Starbucks

Originally planned for this time last week, the death of Baroness Thatcher delayed the Labour Party Leader’s Cambridge outing until earlier this afternoon.

Crowds in Market Square snowballed, as students and residents alike caught sight of the television cameras and handful of journalists surrounding Miliband.

He followed his speech by answering a variety of questions from members of the public, having moved from his original spot outside Cath Kidston along past Starbucks and Pret À Manger.

“You call this coffee?!”

Amongst other things, Miliband confirmed that the Labour Party would be backing the reopening of the Oxford-Cambridge railway.

The railway line, nicknamed the Varsity Line or the “Brain Line”, was built in the mid-1800s, but was shut down a century later in 1963.

Should Labour win the next election, travelling to Oxford to heckle the enemy at The Other Place may become easier than ever before.

The Cambridge Universities Labour Club (CULC), speaking exclusively to The Tab, said: “Ed Miliband’s visit today shows that Cambridge is a city Labour is focused on winning both in next month’s local elections and in the future.

“On 2 May students across Cambridge have a choice to make about whether they back the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, two parties which are failing to deliver in government, or whether they elect Labour representatives to work for our city.”

Let’s hope for his sake that he’s improved his interview technique

Twitter users, however, seemed more interested in the injury to Miliband’s wrist – which he recently confirmed was fractured after a fall on holiday in Devon last week.

One tweet read: “Get well soon, Ed Miliband, who broke his wrist while “walking” – which I presume is not a typo.”

Elsewhere on the web, Miliband stoutly refuted suggestions that the injury to his wrist had anything to do with Baroness Thatcher’s recent passing.