Catz Out The Bag

Catz JCR President David Wade celebrates April 1st by sending a prank email to all college undergrads.

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Catz JCR President David Wade got into the April Fools’ spirit this morning, marking the occasion by sending out a prank email to all undergrads of the college.

The email, sent at around 11.20am, informed students that the college would be changing its name from St. Catharine’s to St. Catherine’s. The spelling change was justified by the fact that it would “sav[e] the college thousands of pounds every year”.

Gotcha! Wade’s email fooled a number of its recipients

Several students are said to have fallen for the prank. One undergraduate was so infuriated by the news that they sent a reply that read: “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Also, nice of the College to ask our opinion on this.”

Another student recommended that the JCR Vice President start a protest, writing on their Facebook wall: “arines4ever fbgroup/ protest march get on it boio.”

Catz students turned to Facebook for reassurance

On speaking to The Tab, Wade was happy to report that most students had appreciated the prank’s humour. “The only thing less likely than the college changing its name is having an emergency governing body meeting on a bank holiday,” he said.

“Oh, and only one person even noticed I pre-empted the death of the Queen in the message.”

The only person observant enough to catch Wade promoting Princess Kate from Duchess of Cambridge to Princess of Wales was Rebecca Park, a 3rd year engineer. She replied within three minutes, with the words: “It’s the Duchess of Cambridge. Get your royal titles right!

The section of this article entitled ‘Heir apparent vs. Heir presumptive’ might help. Apart from that, lol.”

Elsewhere, reports that The Tab entirely fabricated this morning’s story regarding the boat race are, as of yet, unconfirmed.