24 Hours In The Library: Part 2

See what MOLLIE WINTLE got up to in the second half of her 24-hour library shift.

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Recently, Mollie set herself the task of spending 24 straight hours in the library at Murray Edwards. The first half of her account can be found here. The final twelve hours are documented below.

Disclaimer: no animals were injured in the documentation of the following events.


21:03 Maybe I should run for JCR President.

21:28 Rosanna has brought me a flapjack! Gold star for you, Rosanna.

22:01 My cool status has definitely taken a knocking. Feel like a rare and exotic animal in a zoo that everyone visits to stare at, before wandering off to discuss its strangeness. Plus the NatScis are frothing at the bit at the cheek of such leisurely activity. Point out that I have not yet had a chance to watch New Girl. Does not go down well.

23:33 Curl up on sofa for brief nap.

01:30 Wake up to find Daisy attempting to lift the human skeleton model kept on the first floor. V. strange.

01:33 Someone has left a note on my book! ‘Show wasn’t the same without you, gorgeous 😉 Haz xxx’

01:34 ….Who is Haz?!

Library fodder

01:35 Sounds like an over-friendly old man.

01:46 Haz is Angharad! Phew. Still got it. Thought I should call the police for a moment there.

02:34 Last companion has just exited the building. She couldn’t hack it so she got her jacket.

02:35 Not at all impressed by the work ethic of Murray Edwards girls. I’m only just getting started over here.

02:38 ‘Tis the witching hour. Bit spooked. It’s just me (and maybe Imogen) now.

02:39 If Imogen’s here, she’s being very quiet. Maybe she is rehearsing some Pinter.

02:52 Dad has texted me: ‘Libraries are full of ghosts. Characters, authors, readers…’ Philosophically profound, perhaps, but presently psychologically perturbing.

03:18 Go for a walk around the libe. If my life was a musical, this would definitely be the point at which I break into song.

03:20 Probably something about love and learning. How much I love learning. Or what I’ve learnt about love. With many a coy look at the books.

There are showers in here somewhere…

03:37 Apparently Christ’s have showers in their library. Knew I’d applied there for a reason.

03:43 Cindies-goers are trickling back in. Visit from Evie and Lucy. Lucy hands me a Christian leaflet: ‘Just Looking – A place to examine the evidence’ and also a safety pin. Not sure what she’s trying to say. However, they do successfully make me feel ashamed of my effort, pronouncing it a frivolous and lame stunt – an economist and an engineer respectively, they reel off their busy lecture schedule. So far Lucy has missed two this term, and I have attended two. Her expression could halt a charging rhino.

04:00 Irony of the hour: The fact that lisp has an ‘s’ in it.

04:06 Lucy is back! She has brought me a ketchup and mayonnaise toastie from Danya. Whilst she has eaten half of it herself, the effort does not go unappreciated. Lucy and Danya – you are beautiful souls. And the toastie is delicious.


04:30 Maybe I can imagine myself to sleep.

04:48 Definitely can’t.

04:49 Deeply deeply regret volunteering myself for this challenge. Can’t back out now. Quitting is for girls.

05:02 Wonder when the sun will come up.

05:24 Laymen In Brazil Ring All Relatives Yearly.

05:25 Leopards Inhabit Brutal Regions And Ravage Yetis

05:48 Have worked out that if you assign a number to each letter of the alphabet, a being 1, b being 2 and so on, my name spells (or counts) 1315121295.

05:52 And my mobile is +ddgiadifbgfb. Make of that what you will, boys.

06:00 It’s 6am. Essay writing time has been and gone. It has boarded a sleeper train to Mumbai. Think will go downstairs and watch Girls.

06:48 Top episode. Recommend to all. Jessa is just so beautiful.

07:45 Have ‘Being Alive’ stuck in my head. Have never even seen Company. That is the power of advertisement.

08:13 Am on home stretch.

09:00 YES YES GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. Has actually been a strangely restful experience.

What was, 24 hours ago, an alien and hostile territory, is now somewhere that I may call, without presumption or irony, a second home. Whilst I didn’t complete an essay, I will definitely be attending Imogen’s next premiere. We are fast friends. All in all, a successful venture.

Now please excuse me while I go and pass out.