The best places to drink about the US election

We’re gonna need a lot of booze to get through this.

The Phases of an All-Nighter

Summary: Work work work work work

24 Hours In The Library: Part 2

See what MOLLIE WINTLE got up to in the second half of her 24-hour library shift.

24 Hours In The Library

MOLLIE WINTLE recalls her traumatic experience spending 24 long hours within the four walls of Murray Edwards’ college library.

Claudia Blunt: Week 1

Claudia welcomes you back to the madhouse…

Diary of An All-Nighter

Queen of procrastination CLAUDIA BLUNT gives her account of a (not so) successful all-nighter…

Tab Tries: Staying Awake for 36 Hours

With most of Cambridge drowning in a mire of exams, revision and sheer panic, BEN DALTON sees if pulling an all-nighter is really worth it.

Uni Supremacy Struggle As Sainsbury’s Storm On

Recent developments from supermarket giant Sainsbury’s may pose grave danger for the uni and future students if urgent measures are not undertaken.