Le Rag Blind Date

Salut! We present Le RAG Blind Date!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s coming up to that time of year again.

The day some look forward to, others dread, and I spend writing formal but lighthearted letters to the complaints departments of Gillette, Airwick and Dove – to name a few – in the hopes of commencing some sort of meaningful exchange with another human being.

Yes. Valentine’s Day.

Fear not though! RAG is here to help. From today until the 8th of February, every RAG college rep is going to be selling forms for the Uni-wide Blind Date, happening on February the 12th. Fill in your details (or if you’re brave, let a friend do it), give it back to those same RAG reps, and then wait to receive a specially selected Blind Date.

If you’re after that special someone, have a penchant for bearded men or want a Tab Editor, then why not make use of the bribing system? Tell your RAG rep what you’re into, and for a few extra quid you can guarantee your perfect match.*

This year we are going all out to keep you updated with the best gossip, romance and awkward moments with a Live Text Feed. Send a text (don’t worry, it’s all anonymous) to the number on the back of the form and we’ll put your musings onto The Tab live feed (we love live feeds) and the Cambridge RAG Twitter feed.

Forms are five pounds and all proceeds are going to go straight to RAG and its 10 chosen charities. Find out more at www.cambridgerag.org.uk/blinddate/ or on Facebook.


*RAG does not guarantee True Love. Or even a kiss goodnight.