Tab Tries: Ordering three small Domino’s pizzas

We’ve really gone all out this time – what a Herculean monstrosity of a task.


LAURA PATERSON has a whale of a time with this surreal and engaging evening of comedy.

Ode to Disco

Forget people. Why not fall in love with a music genre this Valentine’s Day?

A Most Miserable Valentine’s Day

He’s Back. BEN DALTON consoles Cambridge’s singletons this Valentine’s day.

Le Rag Blind Date

Salut! We present Le RAG Blind Date!

Aphrodisiac Attack

Join LEAF ARBUTHNOT in cooking with liquid sex.

Louise Ripley-Duggan

LOUISE RIPLEY-DUGGAN hates Valentine’s Day, and not just because she doesn’t have an ‘intimate companion’.

How Do I Love Thee?

MATILDA WNEK counts the ways in which the poetry anthologies being sold to misguided lovers are perfectly antithetical to romance. Let her steer you back on course with a few helpful suggestions of poems to stick in your lover’s pigeon-hole on Monday