Little Show Peep: Week 5

Eschew your blues at the theatre, sheep!

Cabaret little show peep the bullet the spanish tragedy


Week 5 is the perfect time to follow one another to the theatre. There is so much to see. And if the play doesn’t cheer you up, you can always drown your sorrows in the baa afterwards. See you there.

HATCH – Mon 5th November

A few of Cambridge’s best student-writers give us a flavour of their style in a series of short pieces each under ten minutes long. There’ll be a bit of prose, a bit of poetry, a bit of drama – all combined in one well rounded evening.

Corpus, 9.30pm, £5/6

THE BULLET – Tue 6 – Sat 10 November

A couple, Robbie and Carla, return to London from their travels to find their family in crisis. Written by Joe Penhall (who also wrote the screenplay of The Road), this is something like a nineties riposte to Death of a Salesman – examining the repercussions on a family when one of their number gets the bullet. Even more excitingly – perhaps – this is a freshers’ show. There is a lot at stake.

Corpus Playroom, 7pm, £5/6

THE SPANISH TRAGEDY – Wednesday 7 – Sat 10 November

Murder, ghosts, Revenge, a play within a play – Thomas Kyd’s ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ has a lot going for it. If you’re in a Jacobean mood, go along. And if you’re not, go along anyway – how often do you get to see a play written between 1582-1592 in a building built between 1446-1515?

7.30pm, King’s College Chapel, £6/12

CABARET – 6th – 10th November

Say hello to 1930s Berlin in this classic Broadway musical adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel. Cliff Bradshaw, an American writer, finds himself suddenly inveigled into the seamy world of the Kit Kat Club – allured by the glamour and allure of the famous Sally Bowles. Don’t let the fact that this is a piece of musical theatre set on New Year’s Eve mislead you – this is as sinister as it is musical.

ADC, 7.45, £8/12

INDELIBLE ACTS – 6th – 10th November

Three playwrights bring you ‘three interlinking one-act shorts’ – or acts, one might say – hopefully leaving an indelible mark on the Cambridge theatre scene. Sheep have been known to have a short attention span at this time of the year so shorts might be just the ticket.

Pembroke New Cellars, 9.30pm, £5


There are a lot of dark comedies floating around at this dark time of year, but not many of them are about the trials and tribulations of putting on kids’ TV. This is the tale of writer Tammy Alligator and her team of actors, who put on a show based in a rehab centre.

ADC, 11pm, £5/6