Little Show Peep

Little Show Peep
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Little Show Peep: Week 8

What better way to celebrate Bridgemas than by flocking theatre-wards? Although, you won’t find much festive cheer if you spend the evening with ‘Coriolanus’, ‘Molly’ or ‘Rum and Vodka’…

Little Show Peep: Week 7

Hang in there, flock! There’s more than just the Footlights Panto to keep you going this week…

Little Show Peep: Week 6

A rainbow, a penguin, a place called Llareggub – Little Show Peep shepherds you through an eclectic selection of shows.

Little Show Peep: Week 5

Eschew your blues at the theatre, sheep!

Little Show Peep: Week 4

Our shepherdess is back to keep you on track through Week 4 theatre.

Little Show Peep: Week 3

Little Show Peep shepherds you through an unusually futuristic week.

Little Show Peep: Week 2

As it starts to get cold, Little Show Peep urges you to get your woolies on and flock to the theatre.

Little Show Peep: Week 1

Little Show Peep urges ewe to flock to Week 1 theatre: ewe should start as ewe mean to go on.

Little Show Peep: Week 0

The Tab’s new guide is here to shepherd you through this week’s theatre.