REVIEW: CUMTS Gala Night 2016: Live in Living Colour!

Warning: ecstatic reviewer.

ArcSoc Cabaret: Saturate

Colour, alcohol, music, dancing, life drawing: what more do you need?

A sobering experience

After FREYA ROBERTS was labelled an alcoholic in denial, she decided to go to ArcSoc sober.

Interview: Bourgeois and Maurice

The fabulous Bourgois and Maurice catch up with JACK CARRINGTON about cabaret, comedy and exotic costumes.


“There are girls in their knickers and boys with no tops groping and being groped… It’s a production that aims to make the audience uncomfortable.” HANNAH MIRSKY recommends a discomforting but “profoundly enjoyable” show.

Little Show Peep: Week 5

Eschew your blues at the theatre, sheep!

Arcsoc Cabaret

JOE BATES almost forgets the naked ladies of Arcsoc’s Cabaret.


SOPHIE “dour” BAUER gives reserved approval to a technically shaky but charming musical.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

Who let the plays out? It certainly wasn’t the Theatre Guide Dog, but he’ll help chase them back in. Again. Thanklessly.

Review: The Heartbreaks You Embrace

ANNA SHEINMAN enjoyed watching the ‘horrified faces of all the other audience members’.