Fifty Shades of Blue: Part 4

GEORGINA SKYE is back for the next instalment in our series of erotic fiction and this time she’s taking on the UL…

50 Shades of Grey Cambridge Cambridge University Dr Blue Georgina Skye Sex UL UL Tea Room

It’s been 2 hours since my last visit to the UL tearoom. In that time I’ve written one paragraph of my essay – not really enough to justify going to get another Smarties cookie, even if they are only 45p. I’m frustrated.

I flick through a book on Romanticism, fingering the pages roughly, without taking anything in. A page tears under the strain of my grip. I sit abashed, holding the ripped sheet in my hand, wondering how I can hide the incriminating evidence.

‘Defacing library property are we, Miss Skye?’ Dr Blue has snatched the guillotined page off the desk and pulled my neck around to face him. ‘You have been naughty.’

‘I didn’t mean to,’ I insist, mesmerized by his sky blue eyes.

‘Even so, I think it’s my duty as your tutor to discipline you for any… misdemeanours.’

I bite my lip in anticipation. The idea of Dr Blue punishing me is hot. Seriously hot.

‘Follow me,’ he mutters in my ear before setting off briskly across the reading room.

I don’t hesitate; keeping a safe distance between us, I follow him into the corridor past a couple of aged academics who look like they’ve been around since the UL was first opened, my heart throbbing, my legs wobbling.

Dr Blue presses the shiny button of the North Wing lift. I’ve never been so jealous of an inanimate piece of metal – I want him to press my button, badly. We wait in silence as the lift descends. The tension in the air is almost palpable.

The lift arrives and we step inside. The doors have barely shut before he’s pinned me against a lift wall, lifting my skirt as we judder upwards.

‘My, my, Georgina Skye,’ he exclaims with glee. ‘You’re wearing stockings!’ He snaps the elastic against my thigh before running his hand higher. For a moment I experience pain and pleasure simultaneously, before the lift pings to a halt on the sixth floor.

‘Come,’ he orders, striding out of the lift, leaving me reeling for his touch. I almost have to run, he is walking so fast. Thankfully, the floor seems empty. We’re really high up; from a window I can see the peaks of King’s College Chapel.

Dr Blue turns down an aisle of books and walks to the end. He grabs me as I approach, pulling my top over my head and slamming me against the book spines. A couple even fall from the shelf with his force. I make a noise somewhere between a cry and a moan as he begins to fondle my breasts. Quickly he covers my mouth with his hand, pressing down hard as he whispers ‘Shhh. We have to be quiet.’

I nod slowly and he removes his hand. Slowly I unzip his trousers, careful not to make a sound. Still I can’t help but gasp when I see he’s not wearing any underwear. I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent I cannot resist.

‘Turn around, Georgina,’ he says seriously. ‘It’s time for your punishment.’

I see him pick one of the fallen books off the floor as I turn away from him. My body tingles as I await my fate.

‘Bend over,’ he demands. I do as I’m told, leaning my front against the bookshelf.

He holds up my skirt and pulls down my knickers. My breathing has quickened and I can feel my hands prickling. He brings the book down on my behind – not too hard, but with enough force for me to moan at the contact. I smile to myself on reflection that the X-rated books really are hidden away at the top of UL.

‘Hush Georgina,’ he says, now gently rubbing the tender spot. ‘Now that you’ve atoned for your crime I think it’s time for something a little more rewarding.’

Before I have time to contemplate his words he’s thrust inside me from behind. I bite my lip hard, trying to keep quiet as he moves back and forth. Not being able to see him is unexpectedly erotic – this feels so carnal, so intense. He goes faster and faster, and the strain of silencing my pleasure becomes too much to bear.

I let out an instinctive cry, my inner goddess reaching out for her heavenly climax. Then, I hear footsteps. Dr Blue’s hand is over my mouth again as the librarian at the other end of the aisle shouts out, aghast: ‘What do you think you’re doing?’

Uh oh. My inner goddess plummets from her lofty heights; now I’m in real trouble, and my exposed mortal body has nowhere to hide.

Fifty Shades of Blue will continue next week.