Judy’s Vintage Fair

When Judy’s Vintage Fair came to town, TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE went a-browsing. They bring you their choicest picks.

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Vintage fairs are dubious. Anachronism and hemp abound, with the apparent ethos that clothes mature like cheeses – when really they often end up just smelling like them.

But Judy’s Vintage Fair, which comes to Cambridge just a handful of times every year, was a brilliant exception. Lots of friendly owners are dedicated to each stall, meaning that you have constant personal shopping assistants. More importantly, many accept debit cards. Most importantly, almost everything is really, really cheap.

Vintage fairs aren’t just for hippies and hipsters; they’re a great opportunity to find some one-of-a-kind bargains, without a speculative trek to Mill Road. To find out more, and when they’re next in town, check out their website.

 With all jewellery at only a few pounds a pop, decorate your fingers guilt-free

This delicate piece is perfect for post-exam sun

Hawaiian shirt are not only in style, they’ll help you forget your exam woes

At £10, this skirt is only a little indulgent for this summer

Cheap and unique

At £10, there’s no need to splurge out in the high street on something everyone else has

You won’t find Levi’s at these prices in shops

Tribal Barbour

Great for a light blazer this summer