Video: Skiing on the Seeley

WATCH CUSSC jump, grind and bail their way down the History Faculty Library in the snow!

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When it snowed this week most of us just built a snowman. Or took pictures.

But the Cambridge University Ski and Snowboard club took it a step further and set up their own ski ramp complete with grind rail on the side of the History Faculty’s Seeley Library. Check out the video below to see what they did with it…

Video courtesy of Johannes Whittam

Johannes Whittam, club captain, said: “It was a great laugh and probably the most exciting thing to happen on or around the Seeley library for a while.

“We struggled with speed a bit and… took some serious slams. Mike [in red and blue] stepped up and made it look easy, just like he did during the Freestyle Comp on Varsity Trip.”

Visit CUSSC’s website here and their facebook page here.