MessML: Spanish exam interrupted after students given transcript

It’s happened again

David Starkey is the face of Cambridge

How do you measure the impact of a university?

Zoe and Kirstie Green – Most embarrassing moments

This week, ZOE GREEN and KIRSTIE GREEN discuss a smorgasbord of scintillating topics.

A Clockwork Orange: Behind the Scenes

WILL DALRYMPLE delves deep into this ‘real horroshow’ of a play…

Zoe and Kirstie Green – Skinny Shaming needs to stop

In their second video column, ZOE GREEN and KIRSTIE GREEN tackle the more serious topic of body shaming.

Zoe and Kirstie Green – What not to say to twins

In their first video column, ZOE GREEN and KIRSTIE GREEN reveal the absolute worst things to say to twins…

Mark Liu Tries: Jerk Off Instruction

MARK LIU reviews this new craze of sex help video, and then creates his own feminist version…

Hunter Allen – It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

This week sees HUNTER ALLEN delve candidly into the trials and tribulations of childhood…

Hunter Allen: Week 1

HUNTER ALLEN arrives in his first volumn. Today he responds to a comment from “Horny” asking him to show us his nips.

Ode to Sir Tom

Tom Daley ‘came out’ today and JOE GOODMAN has something to say about it.

Tab Asks: Are You Ethical?

Sara Stillwell hits streets of Cambridge at night to find out just how ethical Cambridge Students are.


After heated clashes outside the Union, MAX TOOMEY recounts the story from inside the chamber.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC dedicates this one to all the people which made her columns possible. No, not you.

Video: Skiing on the Seeley

WATCH CUSSC jump, grind and bail their way down the History Faculty Library in the snow!

Tab Trains: Cane Fighting

Sports Editor RUPERT MERCER has a go at Cane Fighting, in Tab Trains this week. Turns out it hurts.

Early Morning Fireworks Surprise Selwyn

Students at Selwyn College were delighted by a surprise firework display at 2am this morning.

Tab Trials: Blues Football

The Tab catches up with fresh talent at the Blues football trials, and send our own man down to put the hopefuls through their paces.

Sofa Sports

The best sports clips on the internet. Featuring Chris Kamara, Jonny Wilkinson, a fraudulent Frenchman and an exploding watermelon.