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The best sports clips on the internet. Featuring Chris Kamara, Jonny Wilkinson, a fraudulent Frenchman and an exploding watermelon.

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This is the first of Tab Sport’s weekly round-ups of the weirdest and most wonderful sports clips on the internet.

Readers are encouraged to send in any favourite clips of their own. Email links to [email protected].

First up is Xin-Xue Feng a seven year-old table tennis prodigy from China. This clip went viral towards the end of 2009 and Feng’s prowess has led to an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show. Touted as a potential 2020 Olympic champion Feng also has, according to certain hormonal bloggers, a bang tidy interpreter. In the clip below Feng holds her own against the tenth best ping-ponger in the US, Barney Reed. Chinese plans for world domination have taken on a whole new dimension.


Soccer AM’s unbelievable tekkers is host to numerous clips of obscene skill and the following videos would be well placed on the show. At the European U-19 Championships Ezequiel Calvente pulled out all the stops with this piece of trickery. This penalty is unlikely to be repeated and the old master, Francesco Totti, gets a mention for this cheeky effort.

Nevertheless, these pieces of skill weren’t given the type of celebration they deserved. The clip below is an example of the kind of thing that Calvente’s penalty required. The celebration occured during a game in Iceland’s top league between Stjarnar and Fylkir. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase prize fish. The team have gone on to confirm their image as football’s answer to Vic and Bob in subsequent games and a three goal thriller merited these celebrations which included a mock stroke and birthing sequence.


If the return to the grindstone is getting you down then try these two for a little relief. The first involves ballsy Frenchmen and youtube hero, Remi Gaillard, celebrating with the players of Lorient after their triumph in the Coupe de France in 2002. Next we have football punditry’s answer to Kelly Brook, Chris Kamara, and a compilation of his finest moments; Unbelievable Jeff. This clip may not quite qualify as a sport but it we’re going to include it anyway. The presenter wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Soviet work camp.

Finally, we have some massive tackles. Brian Lima is nicknamed “the chiropractor” and this clip demonstrates why. Jonny Wilkinson is a target for plenty of abuse in the media today, including this site. However, he was once a pretty decent fly-half and hit well above his weight. This tackle on Ntmack was apparently heard in the stands.

The prize for the biggest hit has to go to Sheldon Brown. Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles Brown brought the pain on numerous occasions and knocked off helmets with his hits. However, his best was reserved for Reggie Bush – watch how Bush gets up only to fall his knees again.