May Bumps: Day 2 Round Up

JONNY SINGER and HENRY CHARRINGTON look back on Day 2 of the May Bumps.

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It’s the half way point of May Bumps 2011, and  it’s been fantastic so far. More crashes, dozens of bumps, and even though there was a little less controversy today, another fantastic day of racing.

The Big Picture: The story was always going to be about the headship and Caius looked superb again, bumping FaT to hit the front. Downing stayed in charge of the Women’s headship, and don’t look like slipping.

Lower down it’s been a horrible day again for LMBC, with 5 boats still on for spoons, and FaT aren’t much better, while Sidney, Christ’s, Newnham and Murray Edwards all had a good time of it. Catz continued nicely too, they are still yet to have a negative result in any boat.

Division by division here’s our account of the day’s results, and predictions for tomorrow.


1 Caius +1
2 First and Third -1
3 Downing +1
4 Pembroke -1
5 Catz +1
6 Jesus -1
7 Lady Margaret
8 Queens’
9 Fitzwilliam
10 Magdalene
11 Clare +1
12 Trinity Hall -1
13 Emmanuel
14 Christ’s +1
15 King’s -1
16 Churchill +1
17 First and Third II -1
18 Robinson

Analysis: Bumps for Caius, Downing, Catz, Clare, Christ’s, Churchill. The big story here, as ever, lay in the headship battle. Caius never looked like giving up, and while a brave FaT held them until the reach, the result never looked in doubt. Credit to a Caius crew which has dominated Cam rowing all year, and don’t look like giving up their crown any time soon. Downing and Catz similarly continued their success of yesterday, bumping on the reach, although a poor line from Catz around Grassy perhaps prolonged the inevitable. Behind them, LMBC rowed over in front of Queens’, Fitz, and Magdalene, while Clare, Christ’s and Churchill picked up bumps at the bottom of the table.

Predictions: Caius to stay strong at the top. Downing should be able to bump FaT, as should Catz on Pembroke. LMBC will have to put in a strong row to get close to Jesus, while the Queens’, Fitz and Magdalene trio is looking pretty set at the moment. Clare will, however, hope to break this up, while Christ’s should be able to continue their upward trend against Emma. Robinson have, amazingly, rowed over as sandwich boat 12 times consecutively – if we count last year – and this is probably the best chance they’ll have of cementing their status in the M1 division. Back them if they’ve held off Downing in M2.


1 Downing
2 Pembroke
3 Christ’s
4 Emmanuel
5 Newnham +1
6 Lady Margaret -1
7 Jesus +1
8 Caius -1
9 Clare
10 Queens’ +1
11 First and Third -1
12 Catz
13 Trinity Hall +1
14 Girton -1
15 Magdalene
16 Churchill +1
17 King’s -1
18 Selwyn

Analysis: Bumps for Newnham, Jesus, Queens’, Trinity Hall, Churchill. Downing looked strong, and although Pembroke stuck with them, I don’t see much change in the top 3 for the rest of the week. Newnham looked excellent, while Queens’ took advantage of a poor FaT crew. Not a great day for one of the most illustrious clubs on the Cam. Elsewhere, Jesus, Tit Hall and Churchill all looked good making their respective bumps.

Predictions: Newnham should be able to catch Emma, though certainly not as quickly as their bumps so far. Jesus will push LMBC hard, expect a tight race there. Catz to bump FaT, provided Tit Hall can’t catch them first.

1 Robinson
2 Downing II +1
3 Peterhouse -1
4 Girton +1
5 Selwyn -1
6 Homerton +1
7 Lady Margaret II -1
8 Caius II
9 Jesus II
10 St. Edmund’s
11 Sidney Sussex +1
12 Anglia Ruskin -1
13 Wolfson +1
14 Darwin -1
15 Pembroke II +1
16 Christ’s II -1
17 Corpus Christi +1
18 Queens’ II -1

Analysis: Bumps for Downing, Girton, Homerton, Jesus, Sidney Sussex, Wolfson, Pembroke, Corpus Christi. After a slowish start, Downing caught Peterhouse, while Homerton managed to catch LMBC, but only towards the end of the race. LMBC put in a strong performance holding off a boat with a blue and a lightweight colour as long as they did. Selwyn continued to fall, as did ARU and Darwin. Corpus cemented their position in the M2 division, while Sidney continue to prove their strength.

Predictions: Robinson continued their trend of rowing over well today at the top of this division, though four consecutive rowovers, over two days, could take its toll on them when Downing line up behind them tomorrow. Sidney have looked strong both days, and will be confident of catching St Edmunds. Pembroke should be able to bump Darwin, while Homerton shouldn’t have much problem dealing with Selwyn.


1 Selwyn +1
2 Pembroke II -1
3 Peterhouse
4 Emmanuel II +1
5 Jesus II -1
6 Sidney Sussex +1
7 Robinson -1
8 Murray Edwards +1
9 Anglia Ruskin -1
10 Fitzwilliam +1
11 Darwin -1
12 Newnham II +1
13 Lady Margaret II -1
14 Homerton
15 Hughes Hall +1
16 Clare II -1
17 Downing II
18 Trinity Hall II (sandwich boat)

Analysis: Bumps for Selwyn, Emmanuel, Sidney Sussex, Murray Edwards, Fitzwilliam, Newnham, Hughes Hall. As ever, this division continued to provide the action, with only four crews rowing over out of 18. Bumps throughout the division kept bank parties on their toes all afternoon. Selwyn did well to position themselves as sandwich boat, and should have no trouble holding off Pembroke after bumping them today. Sidney also put in a good performance, as did the continually quick Murray Edwards and Fitzwilliam. LMBC held off Newnham longer than expected, but could not quite hold long enough, while Hughes Hall made quick work of Clare.

Predictions: It is hard to ignore the pace of Sidney, Murray Edwards and Fitz, and it looks like each day they’ll be passing on the slower crews down the division: expect today to be no exception. Newnham should also get on in the act, especially with Darwin, who haven’t looked convincing so far, in front of them. LMBC to hold off Homerton, who look likely to be bumped by Hughes Hall. Peterhouse have looked strong so far, and will have a good chance of catching Pembroke.


1 Corpus Christi
2 Clare II +1
3 Emmanuel II -1
4 Selwyn II
5 St. Catharine’s II +1
6 Lady Margaret III -1
7 Hughes Hall +1
8 First and Third III -1
9 Peterhouse II +1
10 Magdalene II -1
11 Robinson II +1
12 Fitzwilliam II -1
13 Trinity Hall II +1
14 Churchill II -1
15 Emmanuel III +1
16 Caius III -1
17 Girton II  technical rowover
18 Queens’ III  technical rowover (sandwich boat)

Analysis: Bumps for Clare, Catz, Hughes Hall, Peterhouse, Robinson, Trinity Hall, Emmanuel. This division has a very familiar pattern: there are a number of slow, and a number of fast boats. There could be quite a few sets of spoons and blades being awarded this Saturday. Emma, FaT, Magdalene, Fitz and Churchill both fell again today, while Robinson, Peterhouse, Hughes Hall and Catz all bumped again. A pile up at the back up of the division gave both Queens’ and Girton technical rowovers.

Predictions: Expect most of the boats that are on for blades to continue upwards. Selwyn II will have to work hard to catch Emma before they are caught by Catz. FaT and LMBC look set to continue their downward trend, though as this division has proved, crashes are far from unlikely, providing that ever exciting element of surprise before each race.


1 Trinity Hall II +1
2 Corpus Christi -1
3 Caius II
4 Queens’ II
5 Wolfson +1
6 Magdalene II -1
7 Christ’s II +1
8 Girton II -1
9 Pembroke III
10 Selwyn II +1
11 First and Third II -1
12 St. Catharine’s II +1
13 Emmanuel III -1
14 Clare Hall +1
15 St. Edmund’s -1
16 Newnham III +1
17 Jesus III -1
18 Murray Edwards II

Analysis: Bumps for Trinity Hall, Wolfson, Christ’s, Selwyn, Catz, Clare Hall, Newnham. Newnham III carried on their club’s ability to bump at every given opportunity this year. Clare Hall, Catz and Selwyn also proved capable of bumping again today, while Tit Hall capitalised on their overbump on day one to move to sandwich boat position. Magdalene, on the other hand, just continue to fall. Though Girton, FaT, Emma, St Edmund’s, and Jesus are also on for spoons.

Predictions: Newnham III to bump St Edmund’s, while Clare Hall, Catz and Selwyn also don’t look like stopping picking up greenery each day any time soon. FaT women seem unable to have much success this year, and with a quick Catz behind them, don’t expect this trend to change any time soon. Murray Edwards will hope to cement their position in this division with a bump on Jesus. Wolfson have a good chance of catching Queens’ II, who failed to catch Caius II.


1 Queens’ III
2 King’s II +1
3 Wolfson II -1
4 Pembroke III +1
5 Darwin II -1
6 Clare Hall +1
7 Jesus III -1
8 Downing III +1
9 Selwyn III -1
10 St. Catharine’s III
11 Clare III +1
12 First and Third IV -1
13 Trinity Hall III
14 St. Edmund’s II +1
15 Corpus Christi II -1
16 Jesus IV +1
17 Lady Margaret IV -1
18 Christ’s III

Analysis: Bumps for King’s, Pembroke, Clare Hall, Downing, Clare, St Edmund’s, Jesus. King’s looked very threatening at the top of the division, as did Pembroke and Clare Hall, while further down Jesus IV and St Edmund’s are also still on for blades. Darwin, on the other hand, had a disappointing day, as did Jesus III who cannot seem to replicate the success of their fourth boat. LMBC, FaT, Corpus and Selwyn are similarly finding the M4 division hard work.

Predictions: King’s to have a tough race against Queens’, though they should make the bump and put themselves into position as sandwich boat, following a good term. Pembroke and Clare Hall should also be confident of making bumps, while the pain doesn’t look like ending for some of the boats on for spoons.


1 Murray Edwards II +1
2 Addenbrooke’s -1
3 Sidney Sussex II +1
4 Darwin II -1
5 First and Third III
6 Homerton II +1
7 Churchill II -1
8 Christ’s III +1
9 Fitzwilliam II -1
10 King’s II
11 Hughes Hall II +1
12 Queens’ III -1
13 Peterhouse II
14 Selwyn III +1
15 Clare III -1
16 Pembroke IV
17 Jesus IV
18 Trinity Hall III

Analysis: Bumps for Murray Edwards, Sidney Sussex, Homerton, Christ’s, Hughes Hall, Selwyn. The bottom of the women’s divisions always throws up some good action, and with all but one of the top nine crews bumping out (FaT III saved some of their club’s reputation) today was no exception.

Predictions: Selwyn III look exceptionally strong, while further up the division, Sidney Sussex and Homerton should be on for bumps.


1 Christ’s III
2 Christ’s IV +1
3 Magdalene III -1
4 Sidney Sussex II
5 Homerton II
6 First and Third
7 Pembroke IV +1
8 Churchill III -1
9 Hughes Hall II +1
10 Caius IV -1
11 Robinson III +1
12 Jesus V -1
13 Sidney Sussex III technical
14 King’s III +1
15 Fitzwilliam III -1
16 Addenbrooke’s +1
17 Pembroke V -1
18 Girton III

Analysis: Bumps for Christ’s, Pembroke, Hughes Hall, Robinson, King’s, Addenbrookes.

Predictions: Christ’s IV to have an interesting battle with their third boat, no doubt they will be keen to take a cheeky internal club scalp.


1 Girton III +1
2 Lady Margaret V -1
3 Queens’ IV
4 Christ’s V +1
5 Lady Margaret VI -1
6 Clare IV +1
7 Downing IV -1
8 King’s IV +3
9 Magdalene IV +1
10 Emmanuel IV -1
11 Girton IV -3
12 Churchill IV +1
13 Downing V -1
14 Corpus Christi III
15 Queens’ V
16 Selwyn IV +1
17 Hughes Hall III -1
18 Sidney Sussex IV

Analysis: Bumps for Girton, Christ’s, Clare, King’s, Magdalene, Churchill, Selwyn.

Predictions: King’s IV and Clare IV to bump. No doubt many others, especially as the tiredness of three days of bumps begins to take its toll.

So there you have it, another great day. As boats find their levels the next few days should become even more exciting, but there are still overbumps to be made and as crews get tired expect to see crashes, sprints and lots of bumps.

The Tab will be there once more tomorrow. Follow our live coverage HERE.