May Bumps Preview

Deputy Sports Editor HENRY CHARRINGTON looks ahead to the rowing highlight of this term.

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Following some dominant rowing throughout this year, Caius look odds-on to take the headship, at this weeks May Bumps, with Downing and St Catz close behind.

All eyes are on the battle for headship at the top of the men’s division, as First and Third (Trinity) try not to lose their position at head after some poor results this term.

They will have to make the most of their headship advantage if they are to hold off the competition behind them and avoid a double humiliation after their defeat to Caius in the Lent Bumps.

Despite a number of strong returning rowers, Pembroke (who start 2nd) were 20 seconds slower than Caius at the wind-affected Champs Head three weeks ago, so will have to have gelled considerably by the time the cannon starts on Wednesday evening if they are to bump FaT before Caius get them.

Caius in action earlier this year

Caius will hope to match their impressive performance in the Lent Bumps by taking the headship again. They should easily be able to hold off Jesus, who have widely been written off after disappointing performances last term, and no real signs of improvement.

Downing will certainly hope Jesus do not perform above expectations. If they want to challenge for headship on the last day, Downing will need to bump every day.

Following disappointing performances at the Met and ‘99s Spring Regatta, Lady Margaret Boat Club (St. John’s) do not look like threatening them in the early stages.

St Catz meanwhile, who start in 7th, will very much hope their 4-length victory over LMBC at ‘99s Spring Regatta can be replicated on Wednesday evening, as they aim to make a quick bump.

Catz have shown considerably more speed than they did last term, making the most of their returners, and will aim to make amends for their lacklustre performances last term.

Action from last year’s May Bumps

Behind them, Queens’ should be confident of holding off a slow Fitz, who will probably be more focused on Magdalene behind them. Further down the table, FaT M2 look set to drop out of the top division, while Tit Hall have shown no evidence of any speed this term, and look set for a fall.

On the women’s side, Downing continues to show comprehensive speed; it will be surprising if they don’t snatch the headship from Pembroke on the first day.

Christ’s will hope to make the most of their returners, and bump Pembroke at some point in the week, while Emma should be confident of holding off LMBC. Caius, who lie in 6th, will be pushed to catch LMBC before they are caught by Newnham, who will hope to break into the top three by the end of the week, if they can catch Emma.

Further down the division, FaT only look like replicating their poor performance in Lents, while St Catz have been given similarly pessimistic chances of performing well. Each of the top divisions looks set to provide considerable action every day, across the division, so make sure you are keeping up with the action on The Tab.

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