Tab Cribs: Christ’s

The Tab pays a visit to Christ’s and unearths a thoroughly Cribs-worthy crib owned by Ben, the JCR President. The gorgeous beams and stunning view make it a room to be shared.

bedroom christs Dan executive JCR president scenic view Tab Cribs

Contrary to popular belief, Christ’s rooms are much, much more than a ramshackle stable. Replace the wise kings with some authentic beams, the manger for a plush bed, and the donkey for a cracking view and you have Dan’s room. The benefits of being JCR President are certainly evident when enjoying a cool drink in Dan’s bright, airy room with a view.

Room stats: A nice spacious living room with attractive beams, complemented by a fair sized bedroom, en suite, and kitchen appropriate for dwarfs.

How did you get the room?

The room is a perk of being JCR President at Christ’s and is used for meetings of the JCR Executive. I do, therefore, have to work hard for the privilege of living here!

What are the main perks of the room?

Having your own kitchen and bathroom and being able to entertain in the huge living area is really nice. It’s also very quiet and easy to work in without getting distracted.

Has anything scandalous happened here, to your knowledge?

I have never been involved in scandal. I think you’d better ask the previous JCR President this question…

How far would you go to get this room?

No further than I went last time.

How would you rate this room?

An enthusiastic eight – it’s very spacious, and excellent for having people around. Views over Christ’s and Cambridge are also really nice to wake up to. Main drawbacks are that it is in the Fellows’ Building, so its not so sociable unless you have a beard and a PHD and it’s at the top of a long flight of stairs. Overall, an excellent room that gives an insight into quintessential Cambridge.

We couldn’t agree more!

Photographs by Helen Simmons