Roll Out The Punting

Cambridge’s newest punt will be named after its Duke and Duchess to commemorate their marriage last week.

cam Cambridge duke and duchess kate prince william PUNTING

Wills and Kate are as pleased as punch to put their names to Cambridge’s newest vessel.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ will be a regal addition to The Punting Company’s fleet, and a spokesman for the couple said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are flattered by this kind gesture.”

Wills and Kate will be on the Cam every day

Costing £10,000, the punt will ferry up to 15 tourists at a time past the Duchy’s most famous along the Cam.

Sam Matthews, director of The Punting Company said: “We could give Prince William a quick punting lesson, which I am sure he’ll master easily.”

The dedication means that royal celebrations will be returning to the city.

According to Matthews: “It is a great honour for the city of Cambridge to have our very own royal couple. We will have an official naming and launch of the punt with champagne and bunting.”

“We hope to present the couple with the key to the punt, and they are welcome to use it any time they are in Cambridge and enjoy a romantic trip along our beautiful river.”

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ will add to the plethora of eccentric punt names that grace the river. Gems such as ‘The Clarebuoyant’, ‘Silence of the Cam’ and ‘MCArk’ have shown the fantastic sense of humour of the colleges.

Clare Fresher Rebecca Blaylock wasn’t pleased with the choice however, telling The Tab she reckoned: “they’d probably get more punters if it was called Pippa.”