Theatre Guide Duke: Week 1

The newly-sceptered THEATRE GUIDE DUKE holds audience with the serfs of Cambridge and dispenses infallible wisdom ex cathedra.

ADC theatre Catastrophes Corpus Playroom Disney Once Upon a Dream Punk'd Romeo and Juliet Seven Jewish Children The Shape of Things

I hear some other fool got a title this weekend too. I was invited but had to RSVPaw in the negative because I was busy being created Duke of Theatre. Now high on my throne of royal state, I can survey my dominion with even more insight than usual – and the fruits of my ducal observations shall guide you, my unworthy subjects, through the week to come.

Catastrophes 2nd May

This is about Gaza and for charity, so I’ll keep my wit muzzled. It includes a performance of Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children – described variously as anti-Semitic blood-libel and astute political commentary. New political writing from students follows, and extracts from radio-play Escape from Gaza. Also featuring art and discussion from erstwhile altarmesiter Tom de Freston. Held in aid of MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians).

Corpus at 9.30  Free (for anyone determined not to donate)

Romeo and Juliet 3rd-7th May

From most of the people who brought you The Alchemist comes this obscure nugget from Jonson’s lesser-known contemporary. Set very precisely in the Veronese winter of 1948, some hormonal Italian teens set about stabbing their enemies and ‘stabbing’ their ‘enemies’. Irresponsible clergymen dish out narcotics to fuel the conflict and nobody goes home happy. A timeless love story, or so I’ve heard.

ADC at 7.45  £6-10

Footlights Smoker 3rd May

One of only two chances this term. There will be jokes, there will probably be laughter, and if you’re quick there might even still be tickets.

ADC at 11  £6-7

The Shape of Things 3rd-7th May

now spolier-free by special request

Corpus at 7  £5-6

Once Upon a Dream 4th-7th May

An hour of orchestrated Disney songs for your tired, jaded ears. The closest (to my knowledge) the ADC has come to peddling crack. Certain to remind you of your childhood, not because of any reassuring sense of warmth, but because it too lacks narrative coherence and prominently features strangers glorying in a happiness you will never possess. Nostalgia can cocoon your cares away for a bit, but you still have to leave at the end. And take exams.

ADC at 11  £4-6