Tab Cribs: Newnham

Tab Cribs visits Newnham to meet Liz and her balcony.

balcony chaise longue liz Newnham room Tab Cribs

Visiting Newnham feels a bit like visiting a country house. As you navigate the maze of paths which intersect the manicured lawns, you half expect to bump into a Jane Austen character, flitting about in a bonnet. Bonnets we did not see, instead we met Liz, third year geographer and proud owner of the best room in Newnham.

Room stats:
Bedroom (complete with sink and private fridge)
Ornamental elephant (not included)

See what happened when we met Liz and quizzed her on the perks of the dual delights of having both a balcony and a chaise longue…


Perks include surveying the grounds from the balcony, waving down to prospective Romeos or potentially just having a cigarette without leaving the comfort of your room.

The balcony arch has been engraved with words of wisdom from previous occupants, including “I heart sex” and the enigmatic “cockles and joe”.

The private fridge is pretty good too, Liz chooses to keep hers stocked full of mangoes. When questioned upon what she was planning to do with so many mangoes, she replied confidently, “mango salad.” Of course.


“Out of five, I’d have to give it a four because last term there was a wasp infestation which was pretty dreadful.”


Think you can do better? Contact [email protected] if you think your room deserves Cribs status…

Photography by Will Seymour