Parmar Pulls Out

Julian Parmar has withdrawn as a candidate for the Union Presidency due to personal reasons, it was announced this morning.

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Julian Parmar has pulled out of the race for the Union Presidency less than 48 hours before the ballot opens, it was announced today.

In a statement, President Lauren Davidson said: “As of 9th March 2011, Julian Parmar has notified the Returning Officers that he is no longer a candidate in the election for Union President, citing personal reasons.”

His withdrawal has now left Calum Macdonald as the only remaining candidate in tomorrow’s election, meaning unless he is beaten by RON, he is set to become the President of the Cambridge Union in Michaelmas 2011.

Parmar will not be taking part in hustings tonight.

In a statement from the Union, Parmar said:

“I am sorry to inform you that I have stepped down as a candidate to be President of the Cambridge Union for Michaelmas Term 2011.

“The Cambridge Union is a vibrant and busy society that needs good leadership and commitment from its President.

“I wanted to run for President because I wanted to be involved in the exciting changes the Society is currently undergoing.

“However, I have decided due to personal reasons that the Union would thrive better in the hands of someone else.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped me during my time at the Union – both inside and outside of the society. I have enjoyed my time there, and wish its future committees much success.”

This campaign – the first to allow the use of Facebook – has been fraught with controversy, with accusations flying between candidates. Returning Officers have had to carry out numerous investigations into candidates conduct:

-Calum Macdonald was investigated for allegedly “liking” an article on The Tab before the Facebook ban was lifted, but found NOT GUILTY

-President elect Francesca Hill and Presidential candidate Calum Macdonald, who are a couple, were investigated for allegedly conspiring against Palmer, but found NOT GUILTY

-Arrash Yassaee, who is running for Speakers’ Officer, was investigated for allegedly making false claims in his manifesto, but found NOT GUILTY

-Sophie Odenthal, the other candidate running for Speakers’ Officer, was also investigated for allegedly making false claims in her manifesto, but was found NOT GUILTY

Hustings for places on the Executive Committee are scheduled to happen this evening at the Union at 7.30pm.