Mark Liu Meets Penny Robertson

Mark Liu and his lucky lady Penny Robertson have had a hot date. ‘Rhythm is a dancer, tequila makes me a dancer. Why won’t he drink?’ writes Penny at 00.59 am. Read how they got on…

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Follow St. John’s Fresher Mark Liu on his date with 3rd year Homerton T-birds President Penny Robertson live, here on The Tab.

He described his dream date as “efficient and a bit slutty”, while Penny’s form described her as “a tall, blonde, bombastic bombshell of a woman”. How will they get on?

Penny’s form – click to enlarge.

WATCH Mark’s preview video here.

Mark’s account:

If the Twitter box below isn’t working on your computer, you can watch Mark’s updates on his Twitter page HERE.

Penny’s Account:

02:36: Mark Liu was an awesome date. He has an appeal I cannot explain.  It’ll be hard for any Cambridge guy to live up to.

01.50: On my way home. I need my water bottle.

01:16: I really respect him, but he dances like he wants to hurt me. If his hips move to the right one more time I will personally make sure he never attropriacates.*

*No translation available.

00:59: Rhythm is a dancer, tequila makes me a dancer. Why won’t he drink?

The spelling is not an accurate representation of Penny’s.

23:26: His dancing made my eyes bleed but he’s a good person. He can be taught.

23:02: Red, red wineeeeee, stay close to meeeee

The Tab told Penny that our statistics showed the article was very popular with our readers.

22.55: We need new material to talk about.  Sky diving – fail.  Human trafficking – fail. The Big Issue – fail.  THE BIG ISSUE? Fail. I am so out of practice with dating.  And, for the record he did not touch.  There has been no touching.

22.53: We’re deep chatting. Such deep chatting.  What you are is so different to you are.  It’s profound. Arghhh. I am currently getting him a tap water as I dive into my 4th/5th? glass of wine. I can’t feel my knees.

22.50: Arghhhhhh

22.41: This is ridiculous. I paid for his drinks. I am wearing the leggings in this relationship.  That said, I am indeed getting drunk and I do love him. He’s awesome.

Penny was informed that Mark claims to have been paying for her drinks.

22.16: My babs very nearly just fell out of my dress.

22.15: No, I love him really. Oh I am so confused. Damn you alcoholic beverages.

22.12: He’s using sex eyes. If he touches me I will end him.

22.10: Oh hello third large glass of wine.  We exchanged glasses, it was banter.  And a bit saucy.  Anyone that was in The Pin, Mark think’s you’re awesome.  I think Mark is my new best friend. We’ve definitely bonded.

22.02: He likes it.  I am well in. If only I wasn’t so bored.

21:59: I’ve just rocked out the sexy librarian look on request.  I wanted to see the reaction.  I could be a librarian if I want to, I like old books and glasses.  I digress, he wanted a sexy librarian and he shall have one.

21.44: Oh hello large glass of wine, my old friend.  I don’t like being the smaller name in relationships.  This is making me nervous in a way I am uncomfortable with.

21.33: He just used the word dildo. Not sure where he is going with this.

21.20: He doesn’t drink.  It’s going to be pretty awkward when I down a bottle of wine to help cope with not knowing what to call him. Ken? Mark? I am so confused, and a little bit boozed.

21.11: He is a tiny, tiny man. I fear small people.

20.55: In the cab on the way to Ta Bouche as Mark Liu is only a 12 year old and will not be able to get into b-bar. I’ve heard he wants to verify if I do in fact smell like mangoes.  I do smell like mangoes, it’s true.  If he tries to smell me I will punch him in the mouth.  Rumour has it he’ll be blogging throughout the date. Therefore, so will I.