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Blind Date: ‘She spilled her drink on herself, then I spilled my drink on her too’

MML student Charley meets Architecture student Tiffany

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Blind Date: “My phone rang just as I finished telling him about my friend who had organised an “emergency” phone call halfway through a first date.”

History of Art student Saffie meets Law student Connor

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Blind Date: “The highlight of the night and the awkward moment were one and the same”

Law student Freddy meets Music student Ted

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The Tab Blind Date: APPLY!

New year, new you.

Cambridge’s worst dating stories

Is your love life this much of a train wreck?

TOP 10 REVEALED: The Biggest BNOCs of 2017

Cambridge’s biggest egos are going to get even bigger


Love is in the air

Realistic New Years Resolutions for world weary Cantabs

How’s dry January going?

Tab Blind Date: Sophie and Sai

Tab Blind Date is back! Sophie and Sai got to know each other over noodles last week…but did they get engaged?

Tab Blind Date: Evie and Gabriel

Love doesn’t care about exam term and neither do we. Find out whether our first couple blossomed or broke…

Tab Blind Date

Take a punt on a blind date, or a blind date on a punt. We promise you you won’t regret it…

TabTV does RAG blind date

TabTV went to the Vaults to see how your dates were going.

How To: Blind Date

The deadline for your RAG blind date forms is tomorrow. Follow ROSIE HORE’s advice to get the most out of your Valentine’s experience.

RAG: An Update

MADDY LAWSON returns to update you on RAG happenings this term…

RAG: How to Lose Your Date in Ten Minutes

How to dispose of your RAG and alienate many…POPPY MORRIS is here to help if tonight’s RAG helping ain’t looking great.

RAG Blind Date: The Dos and Don’ts

We explain how to get your RAG date to touch you on the rump, and much more…

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR goes speed-dating, and assesses a cavalcade of eligible speedy women for potential life-partnership.

Cambridge Companion to: RAG Week

Cambridge Companion to…RAG Week.

Uncle A: The Art of Dating

Hamishtheamish1008 is BACK! Uncle A contends with the repercussions of last week’s advice.

Mark Liu Meets Penny Robertson

Mark Liu and his lucky lady Penny Robertson have had a hot date. ‘Rhythm is a dancer, tequila makes me a dancer. Why won’t he drink?’ writes Penny at 00.59 am. Read how they got on…