LIVE MAP: Jailbreak 2011

21.00: The competition is officially over, and Team 107, Samir and Aneesha, have won, making it to Buenos Aires, an incredible 6,940 miles away.

Cambridge Jailbreak RAG

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Day 2:

21.00: The competition is officially over, and Team 107, Samir and Aneesha, have won. They got to Buenos Aires, an incredible 6,940 miles away. Team 49, Alice and Sarah, came second after reaching LA, an impressive 5,424 miles from Parker’s Piece. The Tab’s very own Evie Pritchard may have come third, as she is reported to be just landing in New York.

20.03: With just under an hour to go, it seems unlikely that anybody can beat the staggering 6,940 miles of Team 107, Samir and Aneesha, in Buenos Aires. Can anyone make a late, last surge?

15.40: Team 92, Isobel and Jonathan, are the first Jailbreakers to touch African soil as they land in Casablanca, Morocco.

15.08: Jailbreak may be a race to get as far away from Cambridge, but sometimes things just don’t go your way, as Team 113, James and Olivia from Tit Hall, have found out. Here’s their latest post, 9 miles away from Cambridge.. ‘Still in jail. Spent the night here. Drunken stragglers entertained us for the night. One “got with a substandard Brazilian”, another “wants a 40 year old to buy them cheese”. 9 hours left. Need to learn a russian poem for £10 and eat a coronation chicken salad without hands for a fiver. Love. Horsey and Livi. X’ Several other teams staying in the UK to raise money directly for RAG, rather than pay for flights. Less than 6 hours to go!

13.53: Team 104, Tan Xin Yi Kellie and Tan, have made it all the way to Denmark, but now find themselves without any Kroner, having not expected to need such a currency. Team 112, Freya and Thomas, are celebrating arriving in La Coruna by sampling some of the local paella.

13.37: Team 68, Michelle and Jonathan, have made it to their ‘final destination’ of Krakow, Poland. A hefty 867 miles from Cambridge, so get counting up your pennies if you’ve sponsored them.

12.31: For Team 29, James and William, “Nikki’s boobs have found a lift to Paris”. Quite who, how, or why currently remains unclear, but that could be an interesting tale for them to tell when they get back. About 20 teams left in the UK.

12.00: Only 9 hours left, and just three teams have landed outside Europe. The Tab team are just about to take off to New York. Will anybody get further Buenos Aires? Find out exclusively right here on The Tab.

11.02: Team 64, Nicholias and Bethany have made it to Estonia, where they have landed in a snowdrift. That’s almost ten teams to have crossed the 1,000 mile mark so far

10.53: Team 27, Annabel and Edward, have stormed up to Inverness, but are quite close to ‘running out of land’. Could be interesting to see where they end up.

10.10: The Tab team are slow getting up this morning, but it seems the Jailbreakers have had a busy night.  Team 107, Samir and Aneesha are ‘on route to buenos aires 🙂 – just refueling! Banter!”  Team 8, Jessica and Lucy have landed in Dubai and are enjoying the World’s Tallest Building while Benjamin and Nicola, Team 56 are in Bucharest Airport.

WATCH CUTV’s film of last year’s teams set off here.

00.15: Team 77 – Antonia and Chris – have hitch-hiked 5 times and been through 5 different countries. Over half of the Jailbreakers are still in the UK. They’ve got plenty to do today…


Day 1:

22.55: I stand corrected. Robin and Bruce (Team 63) have made it to Rome. Jailbreakers have made it to 9 countries already.

21.34: Gaia and Jonothon of Team 5 have hopped over to Bilbao, a whopping 657 miles from Cambridge, and look to have the overnight lead.

21.00: 12 hours in, and the teams are fanning out across Europe into France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Some more adventurous travellers have boarded planes to other continents. Meanwhile, The Tab’s Evie Prichard is preparing to settle down for the night in London, only 50 miles from Cambridge.

Check back all through Saturday to see how your favourites are getting on, and who will take the Jailbreak 2011 crown.

18.24: Team 27, Annabel and Edward, have made it to Edinburgh, 291 miles away, putting them the furthest away from Parker’s Piece.

18.23: Team 107, Samir and Aneesha, have just been sponsored to L.A

18.07: Team 08, Jessica and Lucy, have just got on a flight to Dubai.

15.04: News just in – Team 49, Alice and Sarah, are on their way to Heathrow to catch a flight to San Diego, via Washington.  After some help from the Guardian they are being put up with free accomodation for a return flight on Monday.  Alice says, ‘I am still in a state of complete shock’.

14.54: Team 27, Annabel and Edward are in the lead having made it to York.  Team 39, Jack and Poppy are the first out of the country, on their way to Luxembourg with their ‘mate gary from the lorry driver’.