Exclusive: Stephen Fry Calls Cambridge Student ‘Ignorant Fucker’

Stephen Fry has berated a Wolfson student on Twitter, before promptly deleting the post.

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Stephen Fry has sparked a Twitter row after calling a Wolfson student a “cynical ignorant fucker”.

Fry made the remarks about The Tab’s former Theatre Editor and Telegraph technology columnist, Milo Yiannopoulos, on his Twitter page last Friday.

Stephen Fry’s comments on Twitter

Yiannopoulos called Fry “somewhat opportunistic” after the comedian and actor offered to foot the legal costs for a man who had lost his job as the result of a joke on Twitter.

Ex-Queens’ student, Fry hit back by tweeting, ‘“somewhat opportunistic?”  – you cynical ignorant fucker. Why do any of us even bother?’

He quickly deleted the post – but not before it had been re-tweeted by other users on the site.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Yiannopoulos said, “It’s nice to know he reads my column”.

“If you fail to give Stephen Fry the respect and adoration he demands, he gets very nasty very quickly.

“He can’t cope with being referred to as anything but a national treasure. I think everyone’s getting a bit cheesed off with his diva antics now.


Milo appears on BBC Breakfast earlier this year.

“I’m surprised he didn’t have a hissy fit and threaten to leave Twitter again”.

The row is the latest in a line of Twitter gaffes for public intellectual Fry. He recently landed in hot water over claims that women are incapable of enjoying sex.

Following a huge public backlash he temporarily left Twitter, returning to the site five days later to “set the record straight”.