Sofa Sports: Week Three

This week features Ian Holloway, Andy Gray and a racist American.

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This week’s sofa sports will focus in on the murky world of sports commentary, football managers and the best catches in American football.

If you’ve seen a better clip than those below send it in.

Sports commentary is viewed by most people as the easiest job in the world. All a commentator has to do is, like in a Richard and Judy game show, “say what you see”, and occasionally bellow down the mic “take a bow son“.

However, as with most things commentary is harder than it looks. Problems arise when commentators run out of catchphrases and have to resort to saying the first thing that comes into their heads. For certain commentators their words take on a racist slant while others simply resort to novel and awkward figures of speech. Incidentally, there are no words to explain the following clip.


Football managers are a special breed. If you disagree with this statement then check out these fine specimens. First up are the orators of the football world including the ranting Kev Keegan, the foul-mouthed Neil Warnock and the laddish Ian Holloway. Then there are those managers who appear to be better on the pitch than their players. This guy is possessed of a howitzer right foot while Mourihno backs up all his talk by scoring in training.

Earlier in this series Tab Sports picked out some big tackles. This week the focus is on the greatest catches in American football. These range from the miraculous to the incredible. This catch gets a whole load of hype but the quality does seem to justify the hyperbole. The unlikeliest of catches haven’t come at the top level as these clips from college football games show. First is Chris Moore from WWU and second by Tyrone Prothro. The best catch has to be the one below, however.