Liu Watch: Video Two

As ‘Supermarkliu’ breaks out another of his vlogs, The Tab discovers that his most recent update is from over a week ago. Is he still here? Has he been sighted?

Mark Liu Phoebe Luckhurst Supermarkliu

The bizarre Cambridge ‘fresher’ who had the university guessing a fortnight ago, is BACK.

Supermarkliu is living in a vastly decelerated temporal realm: he’s only just reached the Saturday of Freshers’ Week and is yet to move in. So while other Johnians have been tearing up their ents, ‘supermarkliu’ has been translating films into foreign languages, debating the merits of the original Star Wars trilogy, and rolling his eyes erratically – and unnervingly – in the direction of his webcam.


He’s been called an ‘autistic piece of filth’; he has constructed a spreadsheet in which he records his existence – living or otherwise – every hour on the hour; we at The Tab sincerely hope that he has not entered ‘N’ in the ‘Alive’ cell of his spreadsheet but has moved into his room and been enjoying the ‘mad sex parties’ for which his original vlog expressed such eagerness.

But have you seen Supermarkliu? Is he in one of your lectures? Does he live on your corridor? Have you shared a soggy toilet roll with him in a communal bathroom? His Facebook page suggests he is working hard but playing (Call of Duty) harder (12/10/2010, status: “Wow I feel whacked after 2 hours of lectures and 3 hours of Call of Duty. Dunno if that is ok or embarrassing.”) and claims he has been recognised and even photographed by other students. Do you have a photo of Liu? 

Lui Watch begins. We await his next vlog eagerly.