Fresh Fashion

Gaga’s “Paparazzi” comes to Cambridge.

Freshers freshers week 2010 may balls

Endeavouring to locate ten fashionistas this Fresher’s Week, I’ve found myself lurking behind the alleyway of Life and running through Kelsey Kerridge like a nut job, ready to “pap” those trendy young un’s.

Unsurprisingly, my approaches rendered the Freshers around town confused, annoyed, and once, when I told a girl her outfit was ‘sick’, offended.  I did have the most lovely conversation with a charming girl in Ryman’s though.  But I was attacked in the ruler section when I accidently approached a local.  They really can be frightening.

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Photographers: Amrou Al-Kadhi and Rose Hall

Get your glad rags on as we’re looking out for stars of next week’s shoot…