May Ball Style: Hairbands

It’s time to start thinking about May Ball accessories. Here are the best hairbands, from glitter to grecian.

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Easter Term is upon us, accompanied of course by numerous conversations about May Ball dresses. No doubt many dresses have already been purchased, but don’t forget not to leave your accessories to the last minute either. Essential to complete your black/white tie ensemble, accessories can transform an ensemble from drab to dazzling, and also provide a good opportunity to inject some personal style into your outfit.

The same situation arises every year during May Week: having not planned in advance, the female population of Cambridge suddenly realise that they need an all-important accessory to match their dress and flock to Accessorize in hope of finding the perfect complement. Inevitably the best items will have sold out, you end up settling for a crumpled corsage which looks like it has caught black spot.

This year doesn’t have to be the same, and so, to save you from chronic accessory problems, here is a collection of the best hair accessories.

Fairytale Hairband – also comes in gold tone

In Crystal Hairband

 If you have a secret pageant queen inside you bursting to come out, these are the perfect choice. Stick one of these to your head and dream of world peace while you glitter.



A Rose in Bloom Hairband

Large Vintage Crystal Flower Hairband

Not all of us can be bothered to rummage through a jumble sale to find an original vintage piece. If not, try one of these 1920s inspired hairbands. If anyone asks, just say it was handed down on Grandma’s side.

High Street Hairbands


For the particularly hard party animals, try a “bando” style hairband. They look great, and are elasticated so will stay put through the most rigorous of dancing.

Or, if you are exceedingly adventurous/ cheap, try the DIY approach. Make like a Blue Peter presenter and glue corsages, feathers or sequins to a basic hairband. Try visiting the fabric section of John Lewis for some inspiration and get creating. (note: The Tab does not accept any responsibility for wonky hairpieces, creative visons gone wrong or hairbands glued to heads)

So, take a break from revision and browse those hairbands: combining internet procrastination and retail therapy, what more could you want? After all, you will need them come May Week…