Can’t Touch This: Jesus Victorious In Touch Tournament

Jesus dance to victory in CUARFLC’s annual touch competition with Fitz taking the plate.

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On Saturday 1st May Jesus put its cuppers final dissapointment behind it with a victory in the CUARFLC’s annual mixed touch tournament. After an exhilirating day’s play the tournament late-comers overcame previous winners Magdalene to secure the trophy.

With the spectre of exams looming, male and female rugby players from across the university turned out in record numbers for the competition.

The tournament featured 15 college sides – more than either of the previous two tournaments – consisting of five players, two of which had to be women, exhibiting all the flair and talent associated with the non-contact form of the sport.

A laid-back, jubilant atmosphere surrounded teams waiting to play, while on the pitch the game was fast and intense in the early summer sunshine. One Sidney player was quoted at half time in one match as saying “Shaun, take me off, I’m knackered”.

After winning their initial group stage, Jesus went on to beat last term’s Cuppers Shield winners and champions of the previous two touch competitions Magdalene 1sts 5-1 in the final of the main competition, denying the team in purple an historic hat-trick in the touch footy arena.

As late entrants to the competition, replacing Wolfson at short notice, Jesus surpassed all expectations, knocking out strong favourites Green Lions All Stars in their semi-final.

The captain of Jesus, Jamie Miller, had this to say; “There were lots of solid teams in the competition but we did what we had to do. Outrageous flair in attack, lots of good clean touching in defence, and heaps of chat all the time.”

The plate went to Fitz, who overcame a spirited Queens’ 2nds side in their final.

The tournament provided a welcome excuse for rugby players to get some much-needed fresh air and exercise during exam term, as well as offering male and female students with little previous playing experience a chance to get a taste of rugby without the threat of being bulldozed by an eighteen-stone prop forward.

The event was an exciting and enjoyable afternoon’s sport for all involved, although concerns over the lack of a barbecue were voiced by some of the competition’s doughier participants.

Tournament co-organiser and Cobras captain Frank Hay agreed, saying “I was very happy with how it went. Everyone had fun and nobody got hurt. Most likely we’ll get some food involved next year and make it a great day out for everyone.”

Photo courtesy of Katrina Hewitt.