Wonderland Style

We go Carroll-crazy and get inspired by Tim Burton’s new film, Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland inspired by


The Tim Burton/Johnny Depp extravaganza, Alice in Wonderland, is landing in cinemas this week so to pay homage, here’s a selection from the plethora of Alice-esque attire you’ll find around at the moment. As is typical of a Burton film, the fashion looks set to take whimsical to a whole new level and tips into the bizarre category a few times (please don’t take any inspiration from the hair and make up, unless it’s Halloween. And maybe not even then.) However, there are plenty of wonderland touches you can make to your outfit to add a little magic to your look. From the specially designed jewellery (the chunky charm bracelet is by Stella McCartney no less!) to the fabulously childish headband and stripey tights there’s a little something for everyone.




Accessorise with a mad hat (see what I did there?) and you’re good to go, bound to be late for a very important date (but still looking fabulous)!