Swishing Style

Gorgeous Hannah Blaikie, a 2nd year at Homerton, shows us how to make the most of our clothes-swap purchases.

how to photoshoot swishing


All photos by Will Seymour


Now, hopefully you all made it to the bargainous and fun as clothes swap held at The Shop on Jesus Lane last month (http://cambridgetab.co.uk/fashionblog/the-art-of-the-clothes-swap/). In these doom laden times, and with the end of the month fast approaching, we are all absolutely and completely broke and so it’s time to make the most of this glorious and purse friendly trend: recyclable fashion. Organise a cheeky clothes swap with your friends (the girls at my college pool going-out dresses every week: you’re guaranteed a new outfit for the night, for FREE. Minus is that you have to return it, boo), or make a beeline for the mysterious and much-lauded Mill Lane charity shops, and splash out on a new item at a bargain-basement price. Second-hand clothes shopping can be daunting, but with the Cambridge Vintage Fashion Fair fast approaching, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and relish diving into the bargain bin to refresh your wardrobe. But how to make the most of your slender pennies? Invest in classics, or really out-there pieces: anything in between you can pick up in the high street sales…


With this in mind, the lovely Hannah Blaikie, a second year at Homerton, shows us how to work those pieces picked up on a bargain hunt. The grunge-y and casual parka looks street and sexy when paired with glossy tights and heels; the oversized t-shirt is a winning, don’t-try-too-hard look when worn with skinny jeans and classic black leather boots; and the lace top looks whimsical and modern when worn with a colour-pop mini and a smattering of antique jewellery. What is really important, however, is that the glossy hair and strong makeup flatters the model: don’t let strong clothes wear you! However, don’t be afraid to play dress-up with your vintage/clothes-swap purchases, as they are the perfect way to try out new trends, cut price (for example, invest in some vintage slips and you've got this season's pastels trend covered. Win) So, as one woman’s trash is another’s treasure, be sure to shine.


All clothes from the Clothes Swap, with thanks to Hannah Blaikie.