Love and Laundry

We garner a bit of fashion inspiration from one of Cambridge’s loveliest and most stylish couples, Joseph and Emily from Homerton, in an original photoshoot. Fashion envy and heart-warming guaranteed.

couples quirky street style valentine's day



In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day and in an unprecedented bout of cheesiness, we bring you one of Cambridge’s most fashionable couples. Warning – expect many terrible puns to follow. Here goes. Love is definitely not blind for Emily and Joseph, two absolutely charming lovebirds from Homerton, whose charity shop chic styles perfectly complement each other. (oh dear)  You won’t get this kind of style for love or money. (too far?) Although that’s not even strictly true, as amazingly Emily’s whole outfit was from a charity shop. Ok, enough of the “jokes”. On a serious note, they actually are an amazingly well dressed couple. I love Emily’s sophisticated black velvet pencil skirt and the cute customized ruffle on the sleeves of her top. Her boots and socks combo looks great. Joe’s nautical stripes and deck shoes are given a brilliant twist with the orange cardie knitted by his granny. And you have to love someone who can pull off clothes given to them by their granny. I wish I could, but sadly I’m still recovering from the shock of being given one of my granny’s old greying bras for Christmas and I doubt it will ever make a stylish outing (although maybe one could couple it fashionably with something as part of the "underwear as outerwear" trend…?)


Anyway, with photos that are pure Juergen Teller, and the most charming model couple ever, it's enough to make anybody feel warm and glowy for Valentines Day and ever after. And they are SO stylish.


Many thanks to Emily (1st year, English Education and Drama), and Joseph (1st year, Arch and Anth) at Homerton College.