Prada Pigtails

We’re loving these Prada pigtails and think they could look good on you too…

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Catwalk looks often require alteration before they can be worn in real life, and makeup and hairstyles are no exception to this rule. Often crazy, too OTT or just impossibly difficult to recreate, hair trends from the catwalk are often largely overlooked in real life. However, we think these Prada pigtails, as featured on the S/S 2010 collection in Milan, might just be a trend to make the tricky jump from catwalk to Cambridge.

Slightly 60's and retro, the pigtails are a fun and fresh contrast to the winter looks we've become accustomed to. They're extremely quick and easy to do (and self-explanatory.. surely no instructions are needed!) And if you've already got long and straight hair, this could definitely be a fantastic hairstyle to experiment with in the coming months. With the sideswept fringe adding some serious style, the look is defiantly youthful and carefree – pair with plastic-framed sunglasses and red lipstick for more Prada points.