May Ball Inspiration

How to be inspired by this year’s Golden Globes… and just enjoy some fabulous frocks!

Awards black tie inspiration may ball dresses

I just love awards season. And I also adore black tie. So, every year, to brighten up the monotony of January and February, that all the film world’s most glamorous types get to wear couture on a regular basis brings a lightness to my heart, as well as fulfilling every girl’s fashion fantasy *sigh* Every man looks like James Bond in a perfectly well cut suit, and every woman gets to wear something fabulous, as designers and stylists fight tooth and nail to get their clothes on some of the world’s most beautiful bodies. And for us lesser mortals, it can still be oodles of fun: the sheer press coverage means you are practically FORCED to judge what they all wore, and it is certainly the stuff of dreams when it comes to planning your May Ball ‘look’ (which is of course what everyone in Cambridge is talking about in January!) So, be inspired by the bevy of black-tie beauty, and get keen: May Week’s only 5 months away…!

Best dressed shout out goes to Kate Hudson, looking origami-phenomenal in structured white Marchesa; Olivia Wilde, looking infuriatingly sexy in liquid metal Gucci; and Anna Paquin, for looking drop-dead GORGEOUS in Stella McCartney. I want her gold dress so much it HURTS, and no wonder Stephen Moyer’s looking so happy- look at her!