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There’s a sinister message behind scholars’ prizes

These practices detract from a college’s environment and sense of community

TTA POLL: Comedy (Part 2)


It’s up to you to choose-ical

Cambridge trails behind Swansea in Whatuni Student Awards

We are so underrepresented

The Results – The Theatre Guide Dog Awards Lent 2012

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG dishes the hurt with one poor and the glory with the other. But you only have yourselves to blame.

The Theatre Guide Dog Awards Lent 2012

You’ve worked awfully hard this term, and THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG is here to give you treats.

Oscar Predictions

JAMIE MATHIESON stakes his credibility on Hollywood liking gays, white people and Meryl Streep.

Preview: Watersprite

Film Editor JAMIE MATHIESON previews the Student Film Festival, and learns the origins of its silly name.

Top 5: Oscar Meltdowns

JAMIE (gasp) MATHIESON (gasp) would like to (sob) thank the Tab for the opportunity (sob) to write this article…

Theatre Guide Dog Awards Easter 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG gets ready to nail Theatre’s results to the metaphorical Senate House of your computer screens. You can help with the marking.

BAFTAs 2010 Red Carpet Fashion

We know the winners of the 2010 Bafta Awards, but who won in the style stakes? Tab Fashion takes a look at the best, worst, and debateable red carpet outfits…

May Ball Inspiration

How to be inspired by this year’s Golden Globes… and just enjoy some fabulous frocks!

The Tab Music Awards 2009

GEORGE OSBORN hands out meaningless awards to people who don’t care.