College Cup: The Countdown

One college will rule them all. Is it yours?

College Cup football Hockey league Netball Rowing Rugby

The Tab loves inter-collegiate banter. Some would say we can’t get enough of it. But even we are sick and tired of listening to people claim that theirs is the sportiest college.

So we decided to settle the debate. Once and for all. Using the most potent Weapon of Mass Distraction known to us. Statistics.

Now, after weeks of frantic Excel-crunching, we’re nearly ready to unveil our creation: The Tab College Cup.

The College Cup combines the results from Michaelmas Term in Cambridge’s highest participation sports – Rugby, Rowing, Netball, Football and Hockey – into one super-table, with the aim of determining which college really dominates on the field, court and river.

We took the results of all matches played in the term in the top three divisions of Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball and allocated points for wins and draws.

First-division colleges get more points for wins and draws than their second-division division counterparts, with third-division colleges getting fewer points still.

For Rowing, points were given to the top eight ranked crews in major competitions and races (excluding non-collegiate crews). These were the Uni IVs and Fairbairns for Seniors and Queens’ Ergs and Fairbairns for Novices. Naturally, Novice races count for fewer points.

So, will the Red Boys bulldoze John’s to the head of the league? Will Fitz’s Novice Rowers fire them into first place? Will Newnham’s Netballers shoot them into the top spot?

The Tab College Cup Champions are set to be announced on Saturday. Watch this space.