The Art of the Clothes Swap

The only place to be this Saturday: Swishing at The Shop!

clothes swap in Cambridge The Shop

In this age of economic doom-mongering, increasing pressure to go green, and what with it being college bill season, here’s a little something to satisfy your desire for new purchases and assuage your conscience: clothes swapping, or if using the fash pack lingo, SWISHING. Swishing is the organised fun version of the traditional clothes swap, thereby guaranteeing the shopping buzz without damaging your bank balance- or overstuffing your wardrobe. Here is the perfect way to get rid of those Christmas presents that aren’t to your taste, random impulse buys, and those items that have been making you feel guilty in the back of your wardrobe- bring them along, cleanse your conscience, and get a new outfit as well. WIN.


So, this Saturday (the 23rd) get down to The Shop, Jesus Lane, and from 11am bring loads of your old clothes and swish away. Remember, one woman’s junk is another’s treasure- think of it as free vintage, so get keen! Check out the website for more information:


If you get totally addicted, check out this online version: and remember, “if you’re not wearing it, you might as well be sharing it.” Oh wow.