Cambridge Secrets

The Tab asked its readers to confess all and send in their deepest and darkest secrets. Time to find out what your friends are too ashamed to tell you.

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Inspired by The Tab asked it's readers to fess' up and send in their deepest and darkest. Here's a few of the best revelations that made even us blush.

 · My boyfriend took me to Pizza Hut. I was more upset that I had to pay half than the fact he took me there.

· I like getting caught on a walk of shame.

· I desperately seek the approval of my supervisors because I’ve got daddy issues.

· The sight of you in lycra is the only thing that makes me get up for rowing every morning.

· I’ve got a massive mancrush on the porter. I make up problems just so I can talk to him.

· I could have had sex in the UL, but I felt so guilty I couldn’t get it up. It was in the theology section, and I felt like I was being judged.

· I pull people in Cindies because I want to feel like a whore.

· My bedder has seen me nude more than any other person this term.

· I told my girlfriend she wet the bed when she was drunk. She didn’t, I pissed on her because it makes me horny.

· I steal your milk every morning because you leave hairs in the shower.

· I masturbate to the sound of my next door neighbour having sex.

· I only go to lectures to look at you. Mims, Mondays 10am, red jumper girl. Turn around. I’m the one staring at you.

· I’ve slept with three times as many girls as the number of serious relationships I’ve had, all of them during the course of said relationships. This is why I’m now single.

· I kinda have a thing for ginger haired girls but I’m so afraid of being judged I never pull them.

· Every secret I’ve ever had I’ve told somebody

· I tell people who push in front of me in the Cindies queue to fuck off but I have never queued without pushing in front of someone else.

· I think RAG is a load of shit but still fundraise to have something to put on my CV.

· I lied. I did sleep with her. And she was better than you ever were.

· I pulled one of the Cindies bouncers

· I never say ‘I love you’ first because I’m scared you won’t say it back, but I always want to.

· I don’t know whether my essays get firsts because they deserve it or because I’m sleeping with my supervisor.

· I kissed a girl and I liked it.

· I spend more time playing Date Ariane than I do talking to real girls.

· I leave empty condom wrappers on my floor so people think I actually have a sex life.

· I keep telling everyone how well I’m doing. Actually I’ll be lucky to get a third in June, I just can’t face admitting that to them all.

· My school told me to apply to my college because my English teacher went there. I’ll never know if I got in on my own merit or because of his connections.

· I only choose Kings because Lily Cole went there.

· A law lecture on bestiality gave me a hard on.

· I do History Of Art. Secretly I agree with everyone who says it isn’t a real subject but I will never admit it.

· I tell girls I’m hitting on I go to Emma because it’s got a good rep. I actually go to Johns.

Who knew we all had so much to hide?