Everyone with a vagina should masturbate at uni | The Periodical

Polish the pearl before you polish your grades

Take care of yourself during exams

Legit tips to get you through

Tales of my Greedy Punt – Week 5

MAISY MINT enjoys porn and self-objectification. And she doesn’t care who knows it.

The Tab Survey – Win May Ball Tickets

Fill in our five minute survey to have a chance of winning a pair of free tickets to Sidney Sussex May Ball.

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 4

With Prince Charming still proving elusive, ELLIE SLEE turns to self-love to relieve her frustrations.

Jerked Off to Jail: Police Get a Grip on Cambridge College Masturbator

From injections to erections, a drug-dealer on probation tosses away his freedom.

Porn on Uni Internet: Ban this Sick Filth?

TIM SQUIRRELL and LAURA BATEY give and receive over the merits of digital masturbatory material.

Tab Tries: Made To Measure Condoms

Trouble squeezing your (not so) little soldier into a condom? The boys get jolly with their johnnies…

Manc Wank Prank

Another Uni has been added to the list of not-so-subtle masturbators. Lovely.


If you like this film, there’s probably something wrong with you, says SHAUN LU.

Tab Cribs: Murray Edwards

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN tells us how coming last in the room ballot led her to domestic paradise and nocturnal flashers.

Wank Prank At St Andrews

An official-looking sign banning masturbation has appeared in St Andrews’ university library.

Proud To Be Pleasured

Girls masturbate. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.


A public masturbator has been terrorising students at Murray Edwards, mimicking a string of flashings some years ago.

Agony Aunt: The Pursuit Of Sexual Satisfaction.

L&L deal with some students whose sexual needs are causing problems. Amusing problems. Amusing problems L&L then solve with an equally amusing answer.

Cambridge Secrets

The Tab asked its readers to confess all and send in their deepest and darkest secrets. Time to find out what your friends are too ashamed to tell you.

Failure: Tab Tries New Years Resolutions

We’ve all done it. Started the year high in the hopes of our New Years Resolutions only to fail miserably oh so quickly. Here’s how three Tab Reporters got on with theirs.

Durham Students Warned to Stop Masturbating in Showers

Durham students have received letters asking them not to masturbate in their college showers.