Fairbairns Crown for Queens’

Queens’ and Trinity have taken the senior Fairbairns titles

fairbairns Queens' Rowing Trinity

Queens’ have won the senior men’s Fairbairn Cup for the first time in their history.

They completed the 4.3 kilometer course 7 seconds faster than runners up Trinity in an impressive time of 14 minutes 2 seconds.

Queens’, who were victorious a fortnight ago in Winter Head and before that in University Fours, came 27th in last year’s event and have never won either the men’s or the women’s senior divisions in the history of the Fairbairns competition going back to 1929.

In the senior women’s division Trinity (known as First and Third) cruised to a 27s victory over their nearest rivals Downing and Christ’s.

The fastest second men’s eight was that of Trinity II who themselves beat nine first boats including Anglia Ruskin, Clare, Magdalene and Girton. Emma II were the best second women’s crew finishing ahead of the first boats of John’s (LMBC) and Peterhouse among others.

Peterhouse’s men were victorious in the Fours division as were Trinity, who finished ahead of the Blues women’s IV which had entered as an invitational boat.

Queens’ Captain of Boats said he was delighted with their historic victory: “It is a fantastic finish to a great term’s racing, and a piece of history for Queens’, the whole crew really performed superbly”.

He added: “We were quite shakey off the start, and it took a few minutes for the boat to settle. Once we had found our platform, it was a solid row to the finish. We were faster than the headship crews of Caius 2005 and FaT 2008, and recorded the fastest time since 2001, which I am very pleased with”.

Queens’ dominance of Michelmas has begun talk of their prospects in Lent bumps next term, which they will start in 13th position behind crews like Magdalene who they beat by 1 minute and 33 seconds in Fairbairns. Gates said he was looking forward to the bumps: “Kings [the crew in starting in front of Queens’ have also been performing well this term, but they should be a little worried”.

Yesterday Fitz and Jesus won novice Fairbairns in the men’s and women’s divisions respectively.



Spectators in the Jesus College boat house watch the action