Accessory of the Week: 3D Glasses

At just £0.00 a pair, get your 3D glasses from Sainsbury’s today.

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Fashion week? Forget it. Starting on Monday, exclusively on Channel 4 (I mention Channel 4 a lot, don’t I? Internship job money please) is the one week of the year when you can watch Paul O’Grady and Derren Brown, in dazzling, technicolour threedimensionality! It’s 3D week! And with this marvel of modern technology comes the new must-have accessory, available at all good Sainsburyses, perfect for men and women alike, and an absolute snip at £0.00: 3D spectacles.


(Look, Channel 4. I even got your logo in. Can I be on the last ever Big Brother?)

We haven’t seen anything as far-out as this since AbFab ended. If you’ve got your own Edina look then these are the silver balls on the bright-pink icing on the top layer of that particular five-tier wedding cake. Walk around, pretend you’re tripping, bumble into La Raza and fall over things, and wallow in your own fabulousness. They’re probably good at raves. They’re good everywhere. Because this is not just fashion. These glasses take you to the Limit, past the doors of perception into the hyperdimensional unknown. And to prove it, here’s a picture of Doctor Who wearing an early prototype all the way back in 2006.


Time lords. They’re always up with next year’s trends.

Photography: Hannah Copley. Models: Milo Raval, Mstislaw Szyrowski. Big thanks to J. Sainsbury’s and Channel 4 Channel 4 Channel 4.