Northerners gloat: Manchester is deemed ‘better than London’

Manchester beats London in city rankings

London Manchester poll

The latest Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey has ranked Manchester above London by an impressive five places. While Manchester came in at 46, the capital languished at a pitiful 51.

The survey rates living conditions in 140 cities around the world, using criteria such as healthcare, education and infrastructure as yardsticks.

This news is sure to ruffle a few feathers amongst those who tend to view the North with a decidedly snobby attitude, believing London and other areas of the South to be vastly superior.

Cambridge students who hail from Manchester have been voicing support for the findings of the survey.

Sophie Lloyd, a second year at New Hall, said “Having lived in both cities, I can honestly say I’m totally unsurprised. There is nothing sexier than a Manchester twang”.

Declan Clancy, a second year at Emma, echoed this, saying simply, “London can swing on my diyack.”

Manchester and London were the only two UK cities to make it into the survey.
Canada and Australia came out best overall, with three Canadian cities making it to the top ten, including Vancouver in the number one spot. Five Australian cities made it to the top twenty. Unsurprisingly, Harare in Zimbabwe was bottom of the list.