The Jeggings Debate

Not only are jeggings a horrendously pointless invention, but also ridiculously difficult to pull off: to wear them well you need to have thighs like Kate Moss just as a […]

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Four of the Worst: Jeggings

One thing that I just do not get and cannot seem to escape from is this strange hybrid of jeans and leggings. They’re literally everywhere; Topshop even has an entire section of their website devoted to these unholy creations. Firstly, what on earth is the point of them? We’ve already got skinny jeans. The good old folk at E!News inform me that they’re a lot more comfortable than your usual skinnys. Now correct me if I’m wrong but are jeans not so incredibly popular because they’re just so comfortable? If your skinnys are so skinny you need to wear jeggings to get the effect you want, honey, you need a bigger size.