Mbargo bouncer shoves Bristol clubber to the ground in ‘appalling’ attack

Overt Security told The Bristol Tab: ‘The individual has been removed from our Company’

Footage has been posted online which shows a person being thrown forcefully to the floor by a security guard last night outside the well known Bristol nightclub Mbargo.

In a social media post sharing the footage, the person who was pushed also alleged “multiple females and males” were assaulted that night by the same bouncer.

They have also claimed that the filmed abuse was not the extent of it: “He also punched me in the face and the head” which led to the victim having to go to hospital and resulted in a “concussion and soft tissue damage”. 

This evening, the company responsible for the security at Mbargo told The Bristol Tab, the bouncer in question has been fired.

A spokesperson for Overt Security has told The Bristol Tab: “We take these matters extremely seriously…The individual has been removed from our Company.

“We will assist with police investigations and also liaise with the Security Industry Authority to ensure this individuals license is reviewed.”


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A spokesperson for Mbargo told The Bristol Tab: “Overt is an external company who are responsible for the security.“Mbargo does not condone any violent or threatening behaviour and are appalled by the actions of the member of security involved. 

“We will be reviewing our current security immediately following this incident and Overt are dealing with the person in question.”

Credit: @Alexpasselle via Instagram

The person who was pushed in the video claims the police were called to the scene but the security guard was left working on the door. 

Upsetting images of two young men with split lips and blood on their faces have also been posted.

Credit: @Alexpasselle via Instagram

Mbargo has not yet addressed the incident on its social media accounts and have turned off comments on their Instagram.

A spokesperson for Overt Security told The Bristol Tab: “As a company we do not condone violence or acts of aggression, and we strongly condemn the acts of this individual. We know our staff represent us and therefore do all we can to ensure we hire professional individuals, however we cannot control the actions of others and unfortunately this individual has let the company down.
“We plan on ensuring this does not happen again, and will work as a company with our staff for a better result in the future. We would like to offer our apologies to all involved from behalf of the company.”

Latest update: Police investigating as more people come forward alleging bouncer assaulted them

Avon and Somerset Police have told The Bristol Tab eight people have now alleged the same bouncer in question assaulted them in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The police added: “Violence, abuse, and intimidation against women and girls in any form, is not acceptable and will simply not be tolerated.” You can read the latest updates here.

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