Here is how to find and maintain a job in Bristol as a student so you can afford to get drunk every day

Confirm the pay with your employer as the minimum wage is only £6.83 for people aged 18-20

Finding part-time work as a student can seem daunting, especially in a new and unfamiliar city. It’s coming to that time of year when you may have exhausted your maintenance loan on Gravity tickets and Jäger bombs and desperately need a solution.

If this applies to you, fear not, we have all been there, but now is the time to get your job-searching hat on and read this guide to secure a financially rewarding part-time job.

As someone who has worked as a bartender in Brass Pig and Den and Terrace during first year, I am here to provide you with some dos and don’ts of securing a job.

1. Think about where you want to work

There are so many industries out there, and the first step to a successful job search is deciding which one best fits you. Do you want to work in a bar, a restaurant, a supermarket, or retail?

2. Write your CV and start applying

After deciding what industry you want to work in, the next step is writing your CV. It doesn’t need to be complicated; just a little about yourself, your previous work experience, and your qualifications. I have always loved Indeed as a platform for finding and applying for part-time jobs.

3. Double-check the pay

Knowing your worth and not settling for a job with bad pay is essential. Be sure to confirm the amount of pay with your employer before agreeing to the job to avoid disappointment, as the minimum wage is only £6.83 for people aged 18-20.

4. Prep for your interview or trial shift

It might be the case that there is an interview or a trial shift. The interview is nothing to worry about, and the interviewer is most often lovely and understanding that this might be your first time securing a job in a new city as a student. Have a quick google of common interview questions, so you’re not left floundering when asked to describe a single time you were organised.

If you are offered a trial shift, try to relax and enjoy yourself. The other staff understand what it’s like to be a newcomer and will teach you everything you need to know.

5. Get excited over this new opportunity and financial independence

Once you have secured your new job and completed a trial shift, give yourselves a massive pat on the back for your achievements. You have opened the door to financial prosperity, new experiences and lifelong skills.

6. Make friends

The best part of working during first year was the friends I made. Some of my closest friendships were formed behind the bar. Even if you don’t get along with some of your coworkers or bosses, stay civil, keep your cool and don’t cry in the keg room.

7. Try not to embarrass yourself

Easier said than done but try to maintain your presence as a professional employee. My most key piece of advice is not to drink too many discounted drinks at your workplace and then fall down the stairs and end up in A&E with a concussion.

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